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Dear Readers of Elegance,

Thank you for stopping by. I wanted to share a list of my favorites and reasons why. I find myself also mesmerising and gasping over the collection. The selection of colours and captions I came up with have me chuckling, oohing and ahhing; reminding me daily why Story of Elegance was a gift I knew I needed to share with the world.


You're the best! This one really is a no brainer and naturally rolls fresh off the tongue. If you say these words, you mean it. I find a lot of people hold back because they do not want to be seen as too vulnerable, or vulnerable at all. Just imagine you never ever got to say these words to that special someone? It would be a shame right?  

You're The Best Purple Greeting Card - Founder Favourites - Story of Elegance


Simply because it's good for ones self-esteem and we love it really, even if it's just a tad. I believe if you are thinking it (and it is kind of course) then you can say it. Elegant All Over, I Swear I Love You, What a Woman You Are. Such bold and captivating statements. However much needed in a world full of battles and challenges. People face these episodes behind closed doors, which is why our positive words so easy rolling off the tongue, can bring someone happiness.

Uplifting Collection of Cards - Story of Elegance


Despite being met with the worldwide pandemic, there are other areas being brought to our attention and this is surrounding black lives and the injustice we are witnessing. Of course, when designing the collection of Bpower cards, it was with the intention to highlight the total opposite of the sad issues being faced today. However, this is not to say that these current circumstances have been brushed under the carpet by one's self.

Bpower Collection of Cards - Story of Elegance

When creating my favourite collection, I combined 2 of many areas of significance that make up my identity. 1 of which is being a stationery lover and another, being a woman of colour. All 7 collections have very extensive meanings and their own identity; essential to our brand model. The Bpower collection celebrates and uplifts all individuals, friends, family, and acquaintances of Black British, Afro-Caribbean, African-American and dual heritage, across the world.  

Bpower Card Collection - Story of Elegance

Card captions emphasising Black Heros and Legends are only a few to name, leading onto contrasting captions highlighting beauty and generations. You may want to gift your partner, son, brother or nephew at the same time. Black Man So Fine and Black Boy So Fine enables the family tree to each make their mark in their own way.



This is my favourite greeting card because it simply makes me feel warm inside and I smile every time we lock eyes. This turquoise My Baby Girl card is such a gentle statement, and I believe it can only be said out loud in a subtle way. At the same time, this card shows ownership and has a striking translation, of which shows just how proud you are of the receiver.My Baby Girl Gratitude Card - Story of Elegance

Which collection(s) or card(s) are your favourites?
I hope you find the one, and when you do, please share them with us so we can share them even more. #mystoryofelegance


Best Regards
Founder, Story of Elegance