Story of Elegance Turns 1


We made it to our 1st birthday and we couldn't be happier. 


Just weeks before this very day last year, we were finalising, tying loose ends, crafting our packaging and ensuring our website was as it's best. Whilst we did not know what to expect, despite all our preparation, we were certain that we wanted to bring you more than just a quick purchase.

Story of Elegance Turns 1 Animation - Story of Elegance

It really was nerve wracking pushing that live button, as a heap of emotions came down simultaneously. This moment could only be compared to a daunting presentation or public speaking for the first time. Not knowing what to expect, wanting to cover your eyes whilst asking yourself ‘Am I really doing this?”.



We launched with our cards as our hero product. We chose to do this, as our signature collection of cards are timeless and a great introduction to the brand. Our social presence allowed us to connect with you. This gave us first hand feedback and you have all been so kind. The Black Lives Matter Movement became heightened worldwide and whilst it was a result of disheartening occurrences, as a brand we have always and will continue to embrace and celebrate black culture. Supporting black culture is of high significance to us, so much so, that we house the iconic Bpower collection. Our founder elaborates on the collection in her most recent blog post ‘Founders Favourites’.


Our Journey From 2019 to 2020 - Story of Elegance


Of course we had to address the elephant in the world: COVID-19. 

As a new business, whilst in our first year and already experiencing a very large worldwide economical change, awakened a number of thoughts and feelings. What did this mean for us moving forward even though we just got started?

Just like the rest of the world, we were startled and in shock. The 1st positive was that we were able to work from our home studio, which we will always be grateful for. In addition to being a British brand, all our products and packaging are made here in the UK. This meant that we were able to post products safely, whilst supporting delivery services that are a key part of the UK’s infrastructure. 

As time went on, communities began to matter even more, especially the local community. We shared in more ways than one, posts, images and stories on how we can all share our care with the ones we love from a distance. We are pleased that as a brand, we have always conveyed a consistent message that celebrates and emphasises the need to say something kind at all times, whilst making it matter with your nearest and dearest. It was our 'why' that kept our momentum up, even during uncertainty.




There will always be favourites and over the last year, these cards in particular stole the limelight:Most Popular Greeting Cards - Story of Elegance




We will be launching our 1st Christmas card collection sets this October of 2020. Next, we will be launching our 2nd release of Christmas cards, by offering exclusive sets. Looking ahead in early 2021, you will have the chance to meet with us in person, for our 1st London Stationery Trade Show in May of 2021.

Whilst we are well renowned for our greeting cards, our collections will expand further. You can then expect stationery, notebooks, sets and gifts. Gifting others is at the forefront of our brand, nevertheless we believe in self elevation, self care and self love. So you can expect to see products that remind each one of us why (we ourselves) matter just as much as our loved ones do. There is so much more to come, which is why you don't want to miss our milestones. Why not sign up to our newsletter to stay ahead?.


We owe you our gratitude and would like to ‘Thank You’ for choosing Story of Elegance.
Our Story of Elegance began one year ago...and it continues. Stay tuned.

Dear Elegant Readers,

We are always keen to share news, collaborations, stories and most of all how we can develop your Story of Elegance.

Founder, Story of Elegance