Share Your Care During COVID-19


With social distancing, you may be miles away from some of your nearest and dearest. Nevertheless, many during this time, are opening and closing chapters in their lives.


The NHS, Royal Mail, local restaurants, supermarkets, lorry drivers, framers, farmers, construction workers, friends, family and co-workers who are out and about. We thank you all for keeping the British infrastructure going.

Share Your Care During COVID-19 Blue Cards - Story of Elegance

Your community has been great, the video calling, the (uplifting) memes and all the encouragement. They have really shown up and showed out for you and you can’t thank them enough. Sending you flowers, cards and treats, really brightens up your day and you wish to simply brighten theirs.


A love note to your partner who is away, abroad or long-distance. Your friends and family who you up most appreciate, have a newfound bond. All the occasions you would usually celebrate in person, from weddings to anniversaries, new babies and birthdays; a handwritten message can temporarily fill in for you. This will emphasise your care and they will appreciate your thoughts.

Share Your Care During COVID-19 Red and Orange - Story of Elegance SELF CARE

A card for you too!. With enough room for a journal entry, you can remind yourself how strong you are and how you have turned things around, during this challenging time. Make your mark by gifting yourself a card and gently be reminded with something that inspires you. Frame it or simply place it on your desk, dressing table, workspace or kitchen counter.



We have created our cards for you to express yourself in any way you wish. From pastels, to smooth matte, combined with hot foiled finishing, we want you to experience more than just a card. A well done, humorous, or just because card, is just the gesture to share your care.


We are sending warm wishes to you, your friends and family. Stay safe.