Traditional with a modern twist, Story of Elegance is a British Luxury Greeting Cards and Stationery brand founded in 2019.  

Our founder combined her love of bright, bold colours with uplifting everyday sayings to create distinct simplicity, mixed with charisma and encouraging words. The result is a staple range that is colourful and personal, full of positivity, humour and charisma.

The Story of Elegance Card Combination - Story of Elegance

Well renowned for our greeting cards, these are designed, crafted and foiled by hand in England using high-quality materials and traditional methods. We source all of our production materials here in the UK and use FSC mix and certified paper.

Rather than traditional birthday cards or anniversary cards, we’ve designed a range of greeting cards for all occasions that celebrate life: from friendship and love to thank you and congratulations. We’ve thought carefully about the wording too, so each card feels like a highly personal message from you to a loved one.


The brand wish is that as well as the look and feel of the products, all our customers, are inspired and feel special when they purchase or receive our products. The emphasis and importance to spread great energy into the world whilst representing this throughout the range is the brand mission and ethos.


Continue your elegant journey by visiting our Inspiration Gallery.