14 Luxury Cards To Gift This Valentine's Day



With plenty to choose from amongst our luxury handcrafted collection of cards, we carefully selected 14 styles, for you to write this years love note or letter. Choose from the traditional Happy Valentine’s Day card, to cards that declare words of affirmation, or a card that raises a toast to you both.

Thoughtful and fit for the occasion, these 14 styles make the selection process for the perfect card an easy one. All our cards are sophisticated and designed to further compliment your Valentine's Day card gifting. 
My Love Valentine's Day Card - Story of Elegance


Traditional Valentine's Day Cards - Story of Elegance

  1. 1st is our Happy Valentines Day Card, White Red greatly suited for someone who wishes to go for something simple, with an element of red, still holding the Valentine's novelty.

  2. 2nd is our Red Happy Valentines Day Card. Bold and beautiful, crafted with smooth matte card and finished with silver foiling. This Happy Valentines Day Card, Red oozes with love, simultaneously doing all the talking, whilst celebrating the occasion and making a statement.

  3. 3rd is our Happy Valentines Day Card, White Silver, greatly suited for those who truly wish to gift in true Story of Elegance style. Simplistic whilst making a statement, makes a beautiful choice for those who wish to gift without all the fuss.

    DECLARING THAT THEY'RE YOURSMy Gent and My Lady, Valentine's Day Cards - Story of Elegance
  4. 4th is our My Gent Card. This forest green smooth matte card is for the true gentleman you wish to embrace. He’s thoughtful, he's admired, he's kind and always shows up for you. Share your thoughtful words in this card, because after all he is yours.

  5. 5th is our My Lady Card. She’s your lady and there really is no other like her. She’s beautiful, pleasant, caring, loyal and your favourite. This card is even more suited for her in comparison to the traditional Valentines Day cards, offering nothing less but class.

    Husband and Wife, Valentine's Day Cards - Story of Elegance
  6. 6th is our Husband Card in a luxurious dark grey.This card makes a mature selection and statement, to gift him this Valentine's Day. Giving you the opportunity to celebrate 2 occasions in 1. Why not recite some of your wedding vows, whilst taking the opportunity to redeclare your love for him this Valentine's Day.

  7. 7th is our Wife Card. This card is feminine and just as sophisticated as she is. An easy Valentine’s Day card choice for your wife with enough room inside for your love letter or simple declaration. Why not list out all the reasons you both make the greatest union you know.

    You Hold Weight In My Life and My Love, Valentine's Day Cards - Story of Elegance
  8. 8th is one of our best selling cards. Our You Hold Weight In My Life Card, says it all and is the one to go for if you are undecided on choosing a Valentine's Day card, for him or for her.

  9. 9th is the universal My Love Card. An elegant choice to share your Valentine's Day message to your love. If you’re stuck on making a decision when it comes to choosing a card, message or colour, this is the one.

    To Us, Valentine's Day Card - Story of Elegance
  10. 10th is our To Us Card that raises a toast to you both. Celebrating your relationship, your journey and what’s to come with this card, will add a personal touch to your Valentine’s Day.

    The Main Man and What a Woman You Are Card, Valentine's Day Cards - Story of Elegance
  11. 11th is the card that furthers his position when it comes to 1st place. Let him know one, two, or many main reasons why he's your one and only Valentine, with our navy The Main Man Card.

  12. 12th is our What a Woman You Are Card. This card is the ultimate compliment if it is that you're lost for words, when it comes to describing her. Her impact stands out amongst the lives of all those who come across her, which is why this card is the one you choose to share your acknowledgment.

    Black Man So Fine and Black Woman So Noble, Valentine's Day Cards - Story of Elegance
  13. 13th from the Bpower@ collection, is our Black Man so Fine Card. He's your all rounder, which is why you choose to embrace him to the fullest and culturally with this card.

  14. 14th is for the one that holds much significance in your life. You admire this lady with all your heart and wish to extend this feeling with her heritage. Choose to celebrate this Valentine's Day with our iconic Bpower® Black Woman so Noble Card.

 Valentine's Day Luxury Cards and Notes - Story of Elegance

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    Wishing you a Valentine's Day full of love.