Bpower Celebrates Black History Month



A collection created to emphasise embedded greatness.


Here in the UK, Black History Month runs across the entire month of October. This month we highlighted our Bpower collection on our homepage and across our social media platforms.

To further our celebration of Black History Month, we want to shine a very bright light on our Bpower collection. Like all our greeting cards, the Bpower collection is made from high-quality premium card. The Bpower collection has its own identity; crafted using smooth black matte card, with a gold hot-foiled hand finish.

The collection has emphasis on the captions that speak for themselves. This makes the collection luxurious and simultaneously bold. It stands out, giving a spotlight on Black lives across younger and mature generations.



Black Hero and Legend Cards From the Bpower Collection | Story of Elegance


“When creating my favourite collection, I combined 2 of many areas of significance that make up my identity. 1 of which is being a stationery lover and another, being a woman of colour. All 7 of our collections have a very extensive meaning and their own identity; essential to our brand model. The Bpower collection celebrates and uplifts all individuals, friends, family, and acquaintances of Black British, Afro-Caribbean, African-American and dual heritage, across the world.

Card captions emphasising Black Heros and Legends are only a few to name, leading onto contrasting captions highlighting beauty and generations. You may want to gift your partner, son, brother or nephew at the same time. Black Man So Fine and Black Boy So Fine enables the family tree to each make their mark in their own way”.


 Whatever your background, whether it's Black British, Afro Caribbean, African-American or dual heritage (like our very own Duchess of Sussex), black culture, Black History and Black lives need celebrating in a big way. Make that special person in your life feel acknowledged and uplifted with our Bpower collection. 


Happy Black History Month.