14 Handpicked Elegant Mother's Day Cards


Mother’s Day is a very special occasion, celebrated with cards and highly personal inspirational words. Mother's day may look different for some of those closest to us, which is why amongst our collection, we have cards for all mother figures and significant role models.

We’ve handpicked 14 cards to compliment your card gift giving, this Mother’s Day. 

14 Handpicked Elegant Mother's Day Cards - Story of Elegance

Happy Mother's Day Cards - Story of Elegance
  1. Our handcrafted Happy Mother's Day Card, Tan is neutral in colour and a great choice for mothers who are very sentimental. She will surely appreciate your highly personal words in this traditional Mother's Day card.

  2. Across our traditional occasion cards, we offer a white and silver foiled version to match. This Happy Mother's Day Card, White fits the card gifter who wants to highlight the special day in a classy way.

    MUM & MOM
    Mum & Mom, Mother's Day Cards - Story of Elegance
  3. Some people refer to their mothers as ‘Mum’ or ‘Mummy’, which is why we have this style amongst our collection which we designed in our signature colour. Gift our Mum Card this Mother's Day if you aim for a more light hearted approach.

  4. Culturally there are different ways different Mothers are addressed. Do you call your Mother Mom as opposed to Mum? we’ve got you covered with our Mom Card.

    Wife & My Love, Mother's Day Cards - Story of Elegance
  5. This lady is not only your wife, she is the one the younger generations of the household also know as Mother. Gift our sophisticated Wife Card this Mother’s Day, listing all the incredible reasons why her shoe fits.

  6. From one love to another. Our My Love Card really is a declaration to your other half. In addition to your beautiful union, extend your expression of appreciation inside with a unique Mother’s Day message by you.

    Bestselling Mother's Day Cards - Story of Elegance
  7. In our collection, favourites that have been established amongst our clientele. Our You Hold Weight In My Life Card is one of them. The continuous feedback is that this card simply says all the words. In our opinion, this card takes Mother's Day card gifting to another level.

  8. Not only is our What a Woman You Are Card one of our bestsellers, it is the most beautiful compliment, open to your own unique definition and the one we recommended the most.

    Pastel Mother's Day Cards - Story of Elegance
  9. Pastel, Pink and from the Fempower collection, is our They Should Make Them All Like You Card. Especially suited for the Mother who uplifts your every moment so much so, there is no one like her.

  10. Another option of a pastel card, just for her is our They Can't Buy Your Type of Class Card. She oozes with class, is so elegant and this lilac card says just that. If these are the words that come to mind when you think of her, then you have found your card.

    Mother's Day Cards For Friends - Story of Elegance
  11. Friends come in different forms. A parent, a grandparent, and auntie a sibling, it's unlimited. Should it be that your best friend is a mother, or your mother your best friend, then why not gift them our vibrant smooth matte orange Best Friend Card.

  12. If you're someone who is light hearted and enjoys a bit of humour then our You Might As Well Be My Sister, You're Always Around Card is the one. Gift this card to friend who is a mother, or to mothers you simply just cannot get enough of. Being in their presence is a compliment and you are grateful to have them in your life.

    Thank You Mother's Day Cards - Story of Elegance
  13. Mother's Day means more that just saying 'Happy Mother's Day'. You may wish to say something more than one liner. Simply because you believe there are so many things they've made you feel grateful for. A card may never be enough, but our Thank You Card, Yellow is the bright yellow gesture to share this Mother’s Day.

  14. Should you wish to say thank you across a different colorway, our grey and silver hot foiled card is the most suited design. As there are so many reasons to say thank you, our Thank You Card, Grey is guaranteed to pull on her heartstrings.


14 Handpicked Elegant Mother's Day Cards - Story of Elegance

We hope you have enjoyed our Elegant Mother's Day Card top picks. Shop each card from this guide below:  


1. Mother's Day Card, Tan
2. Happy Mother's Day Card, White
3. Mum Card
4. Mom Card
5. Wife Card
6. My Love Card
7. You Hold Weight In My Life Card
8. What a Woman You Are Card
9. They Should Make them all Like You Card
10. They Can't Buy Your Type of Class Card
11. Best Friend Card
12. You Might As Well Be My Sister, You're Always Around Card
13. Thank You Card, Yellow
14. Thank You Card, Grey


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